Big Mama Spices are the best for your cooking, spice up your meals with the great taste and aroma of big mama powder seasoning.

Bigmama Fried Rice Seasoning

Fried Rice Flavour

Fried Rice Spice is what you need to spice up your fried rice meal. Don't cook fried rice without using big mama spices for it.

Chicken Flavour

Chicken Flavour is the real deal for all your chicken meal. It brings the taste of having a chicken in your meal like never before. Chicken flavour is what you need.

Tomato Flavour

Tomato Flavour brings the taste and feeling of tomato to your meal. It's really delicious. Go try it today!!!

Shrimp Flavour

Shrimp Flavour is the best for seafood lovers. What more can a seafood lover ask for, if not Big Mama Shrimp Flavour

Fish Flavour

Fish Flavour is a great flavour to use for your meal. The feeling of having fish in your meal is everything. Get Big Mama Fish Flavour today.

Goat Flavour

Who doesn't like Goat Meat, the taste is just overwhelming. Goat Spice is a great way to spice up your food today.

Beef Flavour

Stir up the heart of your family with the beef flavour. It is always a refreshing taste.

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