Suya Fried Rice Recipe

Imagine a combo of your favorite Street food and an all time special-Fried Rice in one meal. This Suya Fried rice is an exciting twist

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GizDodo| How To Cook Peppered Gizzard and Ripe Plantain

Gizdodo is a delicious fusion of fried Gizzard and Dodo (alias for fried Plantain).
-Gizdodo is a perfect side to Rice, Couscous, Spaghetti or any other Pasta of your choice. Gizdodo can also serve as a full meal on its own.
If you are team #fitfam, and want to have Gizdodo in a healthier way, you can choose to boil or grill your Gizzards.

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How to make Pepper Soup with Big mama Spices

Pepper Soup has many benefits. It is a great relief for cold or fever. It’s low in carbs and can rev up a lost appetite.You don’t want a bland or boring Pepper Soup, so here is your Bigmama twist to achieving a simply delicious Pepper Soup.

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