The Best Chicken Seasoning Powder in Nigeria


Planning to cook chicken for lunch or dinner and looking for the best way to spice it to taste very appealing? Or do you expect a visitor or have a special occasion and want your culinary skill to be applauded?  Furthermore, maybe you just seek to know the best chicken seasoning powder so you can stay on top of making the best taste of a chicken meal. Then look no further than using the Big Mama Chicken Seasoning Powder

Meanwhile, one common query in the kitchen revolves around enhancing the flavor of the chicken. So, how can you elevate the taste of chicken? An effective method involves using a blend of herbs and spices. However, for a stress-free approach, you can buy chicken seasoning powder with a blend of herbs and spices. Thus, a touch of such seasoning flavors will elevate the taste of your chicken to your preferred cooking method.

You will enjoy applying the Big Mama Chicken seasoning blend with a touch of olive oil on skinless chicken breasts or incorporating it into a flour mixture for frying. Regardless of your chosen cooking technique, this spice mix promises to enhance your chicken dish.

Additionally, we recommend you carefully go through this page to learn more about how to best spice and serve your chicken. So people will always ask for more. 

When Should I Apply The Big Mama Chicken Seasoning (Before Or After Cooking)?

It’s advisable to apply the dry Big Mama chicken seasoning powder before cooking. I prefer to add them around 30 minutes before grilling, allowing the flavors to adhere to the chicken and prevent them from easily falling off.

You can also sprinkle extra seasoning after removing it from the grill. Ultimately, it’s your dish, so season it according to your taste preferences.

However, if you want to steam the Chicken, you can apply the Big Mama Chicken Seasoning Powder while steaming. Additionally, you can add a blend of onions for a gracious taste.

What Is the Best Chicken Seasoning Powder to Buy?


The best Chicken seasoning to buy in Nigeria is the Big Mama Chicken Flavour. This is the real deal for all your chicken meals. It brings the taste of having chicken in your meal like never before. The chicken flavor is what you need.

How Much Seasoning Do I Use?

My general guideline is to use 1 tablespoon of seasoning per pound of chicken. However, I always aim to ensure that the seasoning evenly covers the meat without leaving too many bare spots.

For a whole chicken weighing around 3-4 pounds, I typically use 1/4 cup of seasoning.

Regardless of your seasoning preference, it’s wise to start with a modest amount. You can always add more later, but once it’s on, you can’t remove it.

Remember, salt and pepper are also key players in enhancing the flavor of your chicken!

Top Spice and Herb Blends for Chicken


Chicken is great for any meal, but finding the right herbs and spices to make it tasty can be tricky. Here are some spice and herb blends that’ll make your chicken dishes delicious:

#1. Paprika and Garlic Powder

Paprika adds a special flavor to chicken dishes. It comes in sweet, hot, regular, and smoky varieties. Adding paprika gives the chicken a tasty and warm flavor. Garlic is found in many cuisines and works well with chicken. Whether you’re making chicken soup, curry, or alfredo, adding paprika and garlic powder will make your dish aromatic and tasty.

#2. Basil and Rosemary

Basil adds a sweet and refreshing flavor to chicken dishes, making them brighter and tastier. Rosemary is great for enhancing the flavor of chicken. Just sprinkle some dried rosemary or use fresh sprigs before roasting. Basil and rosemary make a great marinade for Mediterranean-style chicken dishes but be careful with rosemary as it can overpower the flavor.

#3. Ginger and Lemongrass

Ginger adds a sweet and peppery flavor to Asian chicken dishes like stir-fry and butter chicken. It also has health benefits like anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Lemongrass is common in Vietnamese and Thai cuisines and adds freshness to soups and noodle dishes. Using ginger and lemongrass will give your Asian chicken dishes a flavorful kick.

#4. Turmeric and Chili

Turmeric adds a bright yellow color and rich flavor to Indian and Middle Eastern chicken dishes like curry and stew. Be careful because it stains everything. Balance out the turmeric with chili powder, which adds heat and vitamin C. This spice blend is perfect for boosting immunity and adding flavor to your chicken dishes.

#5. Coriander and Cumin

Coriander seeds give chicken dishes a citrusy flavor, perfect for Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin dishes. Cumin is common in Mexican cuisine and adds an earthy flavor to chicken enchiladas or quesadillas. Coriander and cumin are great spices to experiment with when cooking chicken dishes.

Table of Spices To Seasoning Your Chicken in Different Conditions 

Herbsbasil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, oregano.
Spicesgarlic powder, onion powder, salt.
Heatpaprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Chicken Seasoning Powder

What is chicken seasoning powder?

Chicken seasoning powder is a blend of various herbs, spices, and seasonings specifically formulated to enhance the flavor of chicken dishes.

How do I use chicken seasoning powder?

Chicken seasoning powder can be sprinkled directly onto chicken pieces before cooking, or it can be mixed with other ingredients to create marinades or rubs. Simply adjust the amount according to your taste preferences.

What are the typical ingredients in chicken seasoning powder?

The ingredients can vary, but common ones include salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, dried herbs like thyme or oregano, and sometimes additional spices like cumin or chili powder.

Can I use chicken seasoning powder on other meats?

While it’s specifically designed for chicken, you can certainly experiment with using it on other meats like turkey, pork, or even fish to enhance their flavor.

Are there any chicken seasoning powders that are low in sodium or salt-free?

Yes, there are options available that are low in sodium or completely salt-free, making them suitable for those on restricted sodium diets or looking to reduce their salt intake.

Where can I buy Big Mama chicken seasoning powder?

Big Mama Chicken seasoning powder is commonly available in grocery stores, supermarkets, and online retailers. You can find it in the spice aisle or the section dedicated to seasonings and marinades. You can also place your orders here on our website. 

Can I make my chicken seasoning powder at home?

Absolutely! There are many recipes available online for homemade chicken seasoning blends, allowing you to customize the ingredients to your taste preferences and dietary needs.

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