No need for a refrigerator: Discover 5 natural food preservation techniques

There are times when you buy lots of vegetables and other perishables but don’t know how to preserve them as they might end up rotting because you had a power cut-off for say two days.

Experiences like this can be very frustrating, that’s why we came up with a blog post that will teach you how to store all your perishables without relying solely on a refrigerator.

In this article, you will discover 5 natural preservation techniques that will help you preserve the perishables you have in your home.

5 natural preservation techniques


Many fruits and vegetables which cannot be stored may be readily preserved by drying.

Drying is one of the most effective means of food natural preservation techniques, because dried foods can be stored for a large period of time, as long as they are stored dry.

You can now cut your vegetables into smaller pieces and leave them to dry. This saves you from worry.

Dried items can be kept for as long as you will need them because they will not get spoilt like tomatoes or some fruits.


One way to enjoy meat and preserve it is by smoking.

If you have been eating a lot of fresh meat, remember that you can also smoke it.

Smoked meat or fish can be delicious because then you will get a different taste from the usual fresh meat.

The process is hectic but you will leave your family craving for it. And it can stay without getting spoilt for a few days.


Boiling food at high temperatures destroys all enzyme activity and almost all microorganisms.

If the food is highly acidic, its easier to kill the microorganisms by heating it.

After boiling, it must be preserved by sealing in airless conditions (e.g. airtight jars) to prolong their shelf life.

For example, perishables like tomatoes, you can boil them for 10 minutes, keep them in a container and allow them to cool. This you can be able to use the next day.


You can store onions, potatoes, etc., on the cold floor.

Roots crops like cassava or sweet potatoes can also be preserved while stored on a cold floor.

If you buy them in bulk, prepare some space in the house where they can get enough aeration.

This prevents them from going bad.

It is unwise to leave your fruits and vegetables in a polythene bag overnight.

You can keep them in a basket and you will find them fresh the next day.

Preserve your fruits or greens in a tin with water

This can be done especially when preserving fruits and vegetables by filling a can or tin full of water.

The types of fruits or vegetables that can stay longer in the water are mushrooms, peas, tomatoes, and fresh or dry beans.

Salt Preserved

Around the world, meat is preserved with salt, thus the birth of sausage.

So, anytime you get meat from the market, make sure you add salt to it for preservation.