Coconut Rice Recipe: The perfect recipe for every rice lover

Aren’t you tired of cooking routine jollof rice or fried rice?

Rice is the most consumed food in Nigerian homes, which can be prepared in variety of ways.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how you can prepare a sumptuous Coconut Rice, to be enjoyed by you and your family.

In this recipe, you can use natural coconut milk or store bought coconut milk. Whichever one you use; you will still get the same amazing result.
You can serve coconut rice with any protein of your choice – chicken, meat or fish.

This coconut rice recipe is fully packed with amazing healthy ingredients that are important for your overall well-being.


4 cups Rice
2 cans Coconut Milk
1 can sweet corn
1 big green ball pepper
1 big Red ball pepper
Salt to taste
8 seasoning cubes
2 cups Chicken stock
5 tbsp coconut oil/vegetable oil
2 medium-size Onions
3 big carrots
50g Green beans
5 spring onions
250 g peas
250 g Shrimps


• Wash the rice until the water is clear. You could choose to wash 4-5 times.

This is very important in order to reduce the starch and avoid ending up with mushy rice.

If your rice ends up mushy, you will not enjoy it, so this step is very crucial.

• Cut all veggies into cubes with kitchen knife and set aside.

• Wash the chicken or any other type of meat you want to use. Season and cook until tender. You can further fry, grill, or roast them.

• On a medium heat, heat up vegetable oil and add the onions to sauté.

• Add the salt, ginger, garlic and the seasoning cubes.

• Add the chicken stock and the coconut milk, cover, and allow to boil for about 5 minutes.

• Now, add the washed rice to the boiling chicken stock & coconut milk.

• Cover with foil paper and let it cook in less than medium heat (steam) until soft and well cooked.

• Check after about 30 minutes to see if it’s well cooked. A little quantity of water can be added if need be.

• Add the sliced spring onions and cover to steam for another five minutes, then take it away from the heat.

• In another deep pan, add vegetable oil and fry the veggies one after the other (carrots, green beans, prawns, gizzard, onions) and set them aside.

• In the same deep pan, add the veggies bit by bit and also add some cooked rice in bits and mix them together. Repeat this process until everything is well mixed.

• Cover and allow to simmer for about three minutes.

Yes! Food is ready!

Serve hot with any protein and cold drink of your choice.