Grandma’s Legendary Banga Soup Recipe

Ofe Akwu (Banga Stew) is best set up with fresh unadulterated palm organic products like that of @krfoodsng or tinned palm organic product concentrate.

This article will give you subtleties of how to prepare heavenly Ofe Akwu with fresh palm oil or its product concentrate (tinned banga). This stew is popularly used to eat Boiled White Rice. You can also consider the tinned palm natural product concentrate for this Delta Banga Soup recipe. 

How to Cook Delta Banga Soup 

Utilizing tinned banga for Ofe Akwu saves you loads of time and energy you would have used to extricate the palm natural product concentrate and it is ideal for the individuals who live abroad where palm organic products are not readily accessible. Interestingly, it tastes close to equivalent compared to when fresh palm organic products are utilized, that is on the off chance that you purchase a decent brand like.

The formula on this page is something similar for Delta Banga Soup that is presented with Starch, simply supplant the aroma leaves with dried and squashed severe leaves and add the other conventional flavors for Banga Soup. 

What makes it Ofe Akwu?

  • 800g tinned Palm Fruit Concentrate 
  • 1kg Beef (cut into medium pieces) 
  • 3 pieces Mangala (dry fish) 
  • Aroma leaves 
  • 1 red onion 
  • 1 modest bunch of crawfish 
  • Habanero pepper (to taste) 
  • Salt (to taste) 
  • 1 little piece ogiri okpei (iru, dawa) 
  • 3 little stock 3D shapes 

Things You Need To Know About Ofe Akwu (Banga Stew) 

You can utilize any of the accompanying meat: goat meat, hamburger or sheep for Ofe Akwu. It isn’t prudent to utilize chicken for Ofe Akwu in light of the fact that this stew is excessively conventional for chicken. Dried feline fish, Mangala, or smoked fish can also be used. You can add stockfish.

Despite the fact that we referenced the amounts of meat and fish, add the amounts of these two ingredients as your heart desires. 

We suggest red onion for Ofe Akwu in light of the fact that it draws out the flavor of this stew.

Scent leaves as they are popularly called give the Ofe Akwu its interesting smell and taste. In the event that you are abroad, aroma leaf (nchanwu, efinrin) has no other option. Try to purchase aroma leaves directly from Nigeria. At the point when they show up, flush and cut them and store in your cooler. A few groups utilize mint leaves as an option but it is preferred to use parsley. 

PreparingYour Ofe Akwu (Banga Stew) 

  • If you flame-broil/smoke the bits of meat you used in cooking the Ofe Akwu, it takes the Ofe Akwu to an unheard-of level of scrumptiousness. So on the off chance that you need to, squash two of the stock blocks into the bits of meat, rub into the hamburger and flame broil in the stove till delicate, however, not dry. In the case that you would prefer not to utilize barbecued meat, skip this process. 
  • Douse the dry fish till delicate at that point, debone and break into pieces. In the case of utilizing smoked fish, wash, debone and break into pieces. 
  • Open the tinned palm organic product concentrate (unadulterated palm oil), mix to blend, and save. 
  • Wash and cut the aroma leaves into small pieces. 
  • Slash the onion. 
  • Crush or pound the crawfish with the ogiri okpei. 
  • Granulate or pound the habanero pepper. 

How to Cook Grandma’s Ofe Akwu

If you are using a barbecued hamburger, place the flame-broiled pieces in a pot, add the deboned dry fish, diced onions, and the excess one spice cube. Pour water to a pretty much similar level of the substance (around 2 little cups of water) and begin cooking. 

Just in case you are not utilizing barbecued meat, place the hamburger in a pot, add the diced onion and BigMama spices. Steam till water begins leaking out of the meat and keep cooking till the hamburger is delicate. Add water when necessary as you cook. It is significant that you have as little water as conceivable in the pot when the meat is finished. 

When following paragraph 1, cook till it bubbles and leave it to bubble for 5 minutes. If you are utilizing paragraph 2, when the hamburger is done, add the deboned dry fish and cook for 5 minutes. In the two cases, if utilizing smoked fish, don’t add it now, you will add it later. 

Add the habanero pepper, ground crawfish and ogiri okpei. 

Mix well and add the unadulterated palm oil concentrate (tinned banga) in scoops. Mix and add more water if important to carry the stew to the consistency you like for your stews. It is fitting to have some high temp water prepared for this. 

Add the smoked fish (if you are utilizing it), cover, and let it bubble on medium warmth till you see some red oil buoy to the surface. 

Add your scent leaves and salt mix and cook till it bubbles again and it is finished. There you have it!

Present with well-boiled white rice, boiled sweet potato, or white agidi.